Sapphire Moon

Do you want ORGANIC market growth?

If you're passionate about growing your business, building market share, dominating competitors and creating measurable ROI, we are the marketing team you're looking for. We deliver:

  • Results. We have a 30 year track record exceeding expectations with businesses of all sizes in all types of industries.
  • Innovation. Clients love our never-ending stream of out-of-the-box, yet practical, affordable ideas.
  • Experience. We've "been there and done it" all with 30 years of exceptional, measurable results.
  • Depth. Our client case studies prove we have the strategies and skills to market anything to anyone.
  • Uniqueness. As youngsters, we didn't like being "different." That same uniqueness now delivers client results! Go figure.

We deliver MEASURABLE results!

Sapphire Moon achieves exceptional client results under the leadership of 30-year marketing veteran Trish Michaels. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, our unique 4-step process consistently grows businesses with measurable return on investment.