Sapphire Moon
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National startup sells for millions
just four years after launch

"Our communication strategy was vitally important since we were newly developed and in dire need of a consistent message and image. I highly recommend Sapphire Moon to anyone serious about growing their business." —James S., President and CEO


This newly-formed corporation wanted to introduce a new way of doing business in an industry resistant to change. They wanted to immediately set up a nationwide network of staff and strategic partners to attract national clients. They faced an onslaught of challenges including limited funds, new employees in remote locations and a product no one recognized.


Our in-depth planning process revealed innovative strategies to market, position and brand the company to all target audiences, both internal and external. We launched in phases as cash flow allowed, starting with logo & brand development, low-end brochures and a small industry-wide newsletter. We brought all target audiences together for an annual convention, emphasizing education and results. We updated strategic planning annually, gathering new data from field tests and customer interviews to refine our efforts. We unified remotely located staff with a weekly audio tape from various managers and departments at headquarters.


The company grew rapidly from pilot markets to national expansion, successfully communicating its new business model to various targets. Four years later it sold to a major international company for millions of dollars.