Sapphire Moon
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Regional hospital powerfully
dominates the market for 10 years

"Your idea grew to become the cornerstone of our corporation's ten-year community image and patient relations program. You were the genesis of all this and the genius behind it! It should make you proud." —Lauri S., Corporate Affairs Director


As trends in healthcare changed, our client's patients began choosing their own medical facility rather they relying on physician referrals. To survive, this regional rehabilitation center needed to build public awareness based on its exceptional successes, areas of specialty and reputation as a regional powerhouse.


We launched a community-wide, educational campaign that celebrated the successes of patients with physical challenges and disabilities. The testimonial-based campaign was communicated through TV, print, outdoor, a compelling video presentation, public speaking opportunities and a community-wide festival. We hosted an awards ceremony to honor corporations, news media and community leaders who supported rehab patients overcoming and thriving through physical disability. Award winners were honored through advertising in TV, print and outdoor. We produced medallions, brochures, winner's certificates, call to entry brochures, direct mailers, posters, everything needed to support the annual celebration.


This regional medical center hospital has continued its community relations campaign for more than ten years. Despite their rapid regional expansion with the addition of new facilities, they maintain a high occupancy rate and a constant waiting list. They are well-established throughout their region as the premier provider of rehabilitation services.