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State-wide brand awareness
jumps from 3% to 52%

"Your campaign was successful at penetrating the target demographic with powerful, memorable messages. This was the most positive experience I've ever had working with an advertising agency." —Barbara S., Marketing Director


This international non-profit was the established leader in breast cancer research for decades. As new organizations promoted competing breast cancer programs, market awareness sank into the single digits for this established leader. Along with it came a dramatic drop in charitable contributions and volunteerism.


Market research and strategic planning showed consumers would respond positively to an uplifting message of hope – as opposed to the non-profit's current negative, fear-based messages. Statewide focus groups helped us identify and test messages to attract and penetrate the target audience. We then involved volunteers from around that state to produce a powerful, passionate advertising campaign and marketing materials. We purchased media, saturating the state with unforgettable TV, radio and print ads. Brand messages were mirrored at all points of target contact with live events, posters and direct mail.


Post campaign research showed public awareness rose from 3% to 52% in six months. 77% of those contacted recalled seeing the campaign (a tribute to our efficient media buy), 48% remembered the message (a reflection on our creativity in production skills) and 83% said it improved their image of the sponsor.